Business Consulting:
Problems can arise in any business. Too often, management understands that there is a problem, but is too close to objectively assess it and determine a solution. TJP Financial leverages a broad range of experience working with a variety of companies to analyze your business, make recommendations and implement solutions to your business problems. This is important to you because these solutions can translate into increased efficiency, productivity and profitability for your company.

Accounting System Implementation:
An efficient, but not necessarily expensive, accounting system is the hallmark of any well run company. Too often, business owners rely on outside accountants who are only interested in financial statement generation to develop and maintain their systems. This can cause inefficiencies in the way transactions are processed, resulting in lost time and money for your business. At TJP Financial, we will gain an understanding of your situation and recommend an accounting system that is optimal for your needs and stays within your budget. This is important to you because of the resulting operational efficiencies that save you time and money.

Internal Control Development and Implementation:
Fraud is done by those we trust. This is not to say that everyone is out to steal from you, but as a business owner it is wise to ensure that an adequate control environment exists within your company. TJP Financial can expertly assess your companys overall internal controls and help to implement procedures to strengthen them. This is important to you, as a business owner, because it will help to secure your business assets and ensure the accuracy of your financial records.

Audit Support:
Few business owners that have been through an audit speak highly of the experience. These are time consuming, detailed exercises that can try the patience of even the most easy-going businessperson. TJP Financial can manage your audit for you, ensuring that auditors get what they want with as little disturbance to your business operations as possible. We've been on the other side of an audit. We know how to get what auditors need quickly and easily, so that they can focus their efforts on finishing the audit, rather than asking unnecessary questions. This is important to you, because you will be able to spend your valuable time and resources running your business, not working with auditors.

Financial Modeling:
Obtaining capital often stands in the way of a growing enterprise reaching the next level. Whether you want a loan from a bank or capital from investors or venture capitalists, you will need to prove to them that your business is viable. At TJP Financial, we leverage financial modeling experience working with Fortune 100 companies to make sure you are able to show your best side to potential investors - and close the deal. This is important to you because when you put your trust in financial professionals to get the job done right, you get the results you need.

Business Structure Consultation and Implementation:
The right business structure and tax elections are important to you as a business owner because they can save you thousands of dollars in taxes over the long run. TJP Financial will advise you on these important matters keeping in mind any potential personal liability issues and ensuring that your tax burden is as low as possible.

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